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Shani is from Murtaugh, Idaho, where she grew up on a farm surrounded by animals of all sorts. It wasn’t difficult for her to develop a passion for pet care early on in life! Ever since her childhood days of finding stray kittens and nursing them back to health, Shani knew that a career in the world of veterinary medicine would be the perfect path for her.

After her family relocated to Twin Falls, Shani moved to Boise in 2004 and has lived there ever since. She worked at another local veterinary clinic for five years before joining the River City Veterinary Hospital family in 2010. After a short stint in human medicine, Shani returned to the team in 2016 as a receptionist, and couldn’t be happier to serve the pets and animal owners of the area alongside her dedicated and compassionate coworkers.

Shani and her husband have two beautiful daughters, who are already huge animal lovers just like their mother. As a family, they enjoy hiking, camping, and enjoying the company of their own pets. Shani and her family share their lives with a black Labrador named Boone, a cat, a rabbit, and a squadron of four chickens.

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Amanda’s love of animal care started when she was very young; she was fortunate to grow up handling all sorts of creatures. She even remembers heading out to feed her family’s mule at only three years of age! For Amanda, animal care has always been a natural part of life, and she’s thrilled to further her passion as a member of the River City Veterinary Hospital family.

Amanda began her journey here at the clinic in early 2016, shortly after moving back to Idaho from Washington State with her husband and son. She started as an animal caretaker before transitioning into front-desk reception work. Amanda loves working alongside her passionate and talented coworkers to bring the best possible brand of veterinary care to the pet owners of the area—she’s proud to be one of the first faces clients see upon visiting the hospital!

In her time away from work, Amanda likes spending time with her family and two pets, enjoying the great outdoors, and making crafts by hand.

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Tracy has adored pets ever since getting her very first cat, a beautiful Persian named Frosty. By the time she got to witness her close friend’s family foster dogs and try pet therapy at the local veterinary hospital, she knew that she would love to work hands-on with animals herself! Tracy is happy and proud to begin her veterinary journey right here at River City Veterinary Hospital.

Tracy is a Meridian native and serves as one of River City Veterinary Hospital’s front-desk receptionists. She’s a people person through and through, and absolutely loves interacting directly with the clinic’s clientele and their beloved animal companions on a daily basis. Tracy is particularly fond of the way her fast-paced position keeps her on her toes.

Tracy lives in Meridian with her boyfriend, Brandon, and their two loveable cats. Charlie is a chubby orange tabby who loves to eat and cuddle; Luna is a sassy, spunky Calico who loves bathing and taking on the dreaded vacuum cleaner.

When she isn’t spending time with her family, friends, and cats, Tracy can be found enjoying the great outdoors, catching a movie, or playing softball. She’s currently on a city softball league and especially loves playing outfield!

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Whitney has adored animals, as well as people just like herself who own and care for them, ever since she was a young girl. For her, working in the field of veterinary medicine is her chance to give something back! Whitney proudly serves Meridian’s pet owners and their animal companions as a receptionist with the River City Veterinary Hospital family.

Whitney previously lived in Montana for nine years, New Hampshire for two, and has now been an Idaho resident for 15. She began her animal-care career at a clinic in Seattle, where she learned the ropes of the profession and further developed her client-service skillset. Whitney recently joined the River City Veterinary Hospital team as a receptionist, where she makes it her mission every day to ensure that every visitor to the clinic—whether they’re two- or four-legged—stays comfortable and happy.

Whitney lives with her husband, Scott, and their beautiful baby daughter, Laney. The family also shares their home with a Saint Bernard named Tucker and a cat, Bill, who runs the show around the house. When she has time between her work schedule and family life, Whitney is an avid cook and loves gathering friends together for meals.

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Veterinary Technician

Animals have been a part of Jenn’s life for as long as she can remember. She also has an intense passion for medicine and is a Certified Nursing Assistant. What better way to combine her love of animals and her fascination with medicine, Jenn thought, than by becoming a veterinary professional?

Jenn is originally from Parma, Idaho. She worked in several human medical facilities after obtaining her nursing certification, but quickly realized that she would prefer to focus more on animal care. In 2008, Jenn decided to apply here at River City Veterinary Hospital and hasn’t looked back since! Her favorite things to do around the clinic are help with surgeries and learn new things from her fabulous coworkers.

Jenn and her husband, Nik, have two young children named Leah and Max. They share their lives with Chief, a Chesapeake Bay retriever who is in in training to be an excellent duck hunter, and two loveable cats named George and Princess Peachy Pink.

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Veterinary Technician

Jill has always felt drawn to the medical field, and holds a special place in her heart for animals. She’s always wanted to help creatures who can’t speak for themselves! As one of River City Veterinary Hospital’s Veterinary Technicians, she gets to do just that every day.

Jill grew up in Caldwell, Idaho, and began her veterinary career as a receptionist before receiving on-the-job training to become a Technician. She started here at the hospital in a relief capacity in 2009, then moved to Wyoming for two years before rejoining the River City Veterinary Hospital team. She’s especially fond of placing catheters, drawing blood, and helping with surgeries.

At home, Jill and her husband share their home with their young daughter, a heeler mix puppy named Rowdy, and a bossy Chihuahua named Dally. As a family, they love camping, fishing, and traveling.

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Certified Veterinary Technician

Kendra grew up alongside dogs, cats, and horses, and always felt an intrinsic connection with animals. The older she got, the more her passion blossomed—Kendra simply can’t imagine working in any other field! She’s a Certified Veterinary Technician with the River City Veterinary Hospital team.

After learning as much as she could about animals through her agriculture courses in high school, Kendra began volunteering at an animal clinic in Nyssa, Oregon to gain hands-on experience in the world of pet care. In the fall of 2013, she began her studies in veterinary technology at the College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls, serving pets and their owners at a nearby veterinary clinic during her free time. Kendra graduated in May of 2015, and passed her certification exams that fall to become a Certified Veterinary Technician.

Kendra moved back to this area in the summer of 2016 to be closer to family, and joined the River City Veterinary Hospital team in July of that year. She has a particular fondness for dental cleanings, and never tires of improving a pet’s oral health through proper dental care. Most of all, Kendra likes getting to spend time around adorable pets—as well as animal-lovers just like herself—on a daily basis!

Kendra was recently married to her childhood crush, Devon. Together, they enjoy camping, hiking, going to the movies, and spending time with Kendra’s dog, Bobby.

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Lead Caretaker

Growing up in Mountain Home with her parents and five siblings, Kelly was surrounded by all sorts of animals; she cared for everything from dogs and chickens to goats, horses, and cows. Kelly found herself wanting to learn even more about pets and veterinary medicine, so she decided to pursue a career in animal healthcare. Now, she’s happy to care for the area’s pets as a member of the River City Veterinary Hospital team!

Kelly worked in an assisted living facility before deciding to make the jump into animal care, and first joined the hospital family in October of 2015. She’s especially fond of soaking up knowledge from the Veterinary Technicians and doctors, and loves building lasting relationships with the clients and pets who visit the clinic. Kelly is particularly proud of all that the hospital does to help the local Humane Society.

Outside of work, Kelly enjoys drawing and painting, playing softball with her little sisters, camping in the great outdoors, and attending rodeos. She has one pet of her own at home: Belle, a spastic cat who enjoys staring out the window at the passing cars and running laps around the house while Kelly is trying to sleep.

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Animal Caretaker

Shaina has had a longstanding fascination with veterinary care, and wanted to work in a field that would allow her to make a lasting impact. When she began caring for the area’s pets and animal owners as a member of the River City Veterinary Hospital team, she knew that she’d found the perfect fit! Shaina is one of the hospital’s Animal Caretakers.

Shaina is a Boise native and joined the clinic family in April of 2016. She’s especially fond of getting to see the incredible bonds between pets and their owners on a daily basis, and also enjoys interacting with a variety of different animal personalities here at the hospital.

At home, Shaina and her family live with a multitude of pets. They have three dogs—Kalia, Tucker, and Bear—as well as three feline friends named Lily, Kitty, and Hansley. The family enjoys hiking and camping together in the great outdoors, and they’re particularly fond of taking their canine companions swimming with them!

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